Grade 4 Habitat Fair

Grade 4 students at ISES recently enjoyed participating in our Habitat Fair.  The students learned to examine and investigate local habitats, structural features of animals that enable them to survive in their habitat, as well as information relating to their role in a food chain.  

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Beautiful Spring Art

IMG_3461  IMG_3460

Students in Mrs. Chesnutt’s Primary class are helping to bring Spring to Inglis Street School.  

Citizenship Award Assembly

Congratulations to the recipients of the Citizenship Awards.  Constable Moran, our school Liaison Officer, recently visited our school to acknowledge these students and congratulate them for being outstanding school citizens.


Bike to School Day at ISES


 Students at Inglis Street Elementary School recently enjoyed biking to school. Nearly 70 of our students biked to school that day!!  We also received some bicycle safety tips from our Police Liaison Officer.

Studying Life Cycles at ISES

Grade 2 students at ISES are enthusiastically studying the life cycle of Painted Lady butterflies.  Recently, they enjoyed releasing the butterflies into their natural environment.

Butterflies2 Butterflies4 Photo1


ISES Run Club

Run ClubStudents in grades 2-6 are enjoying a springtime run at the SMU track during our weekly run club.  Several students hope to participate in the upcoming Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run.  Click here for more information on the run.  LET’S GIV’ER!!

National Canadian Film Day

Students at Inglis Street Elementary School had the wonderful opportunity on April 29th to view several films from the National Film Board of Canada, in recognition of National Canadian Film Day.  Thank you to Ms. McCurdy who organized this event!

NCFD    IMG_0001

Math Club at ISES!

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Grade 3 students at Inglis Street Elementary School participate in Math Club, a fun opportunity to practice puzzles and problem solving skills together.

Inglis Street School Visits Ballet Jorgen’s Romeo & Juliet

Thank you to our fantastic volunteers who helped us with our trip to the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium.  Students in grades 1 to 6 at Inglis Street School had the wonderful opportunity to see Ballet Jörgen’s Romeo & Juliet featuring live orchestral accompaniment by Symphony Nova Scotia.

Romeo and Juliet1

Romeo and Juliet2

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